Upper Northedge

The Upper Central ward is the most exclusive and expensive area of Sharn’s towers, surpassed in the city only by Skyway. It is home to some of the most powerful individuals in Breland, though it is far from the Kingdom’s seat of government. More wealth flows through this single district than many cities ever see. With this great power comes enormous corruption, however, and more evil is done (or at least ordered) in Upper Central than a casual look would suggest.

Middle Northedge

Middle Northedge is a peaceful residential ward, featuring some of the finest average housing in the city. The inhabitants are successful, hardworking folk, and the streets are clean and quiet. Much of the dwarf population of the city lives in this ward.

Lower Northedge

Lower Northedge is home to the hardworking laborers of Sharn. Generally decent folk who believe in an honest day’s work and can afford to stay out of Dura. The people of Lower Northedge don’t look for trouble, and they don’t like it coming to their towers. The ward is relatively simple in structure and design, but it has been kept in good condition over the centuries and is a pleasant enough place to live. While it is largely residential, it includes a number of small workhouses and simple schools, along with North Market.


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