Menthis Plateau

Upper Menthis Plateau

Morgrave University might not be the most prestigious university in The Five Nations, but it is the largest educational institution in Sharn. The University strongly influences the character of the Upper Menthis ward, drawing academics, scribes, sages, and students from all over Breland and beyond. A diverse mix of races and national origins populate Upper Menthis. In addition to the University, Upper Menthis’s role as the crown of Sharn’s entertainment quarter has made a significant impact on the character of the ward, and four major theaters have been established here.

Middle Menthis Plateau

Middle Menthis is quite possibly Sharn’s most diverse ward, representing a true melting pot of different races, ethnic and national origins, economic classes, and social statuses. Small communities of human immigrants from the Lhazaar Principalities (in Warden Towers), the Shadow Marches (in Cassan Bridge), and Cyre (in Smoky Towers), in addition to the large Halfling community in Little Plains and the students of Morgrave University, drawn from across Khorvaire, contribute to this diversity. Together, these many communities of immigrants make Middle Menthis an excellent place to find crafts and services that are particular to certain peoples and nations.

Lower Menthis Plateau

The lower ward of Menthis Plateau perhaps best meets the stereotype of a metropolitan entertainment district. Its streets are crowded night and day, its buildings huddle dark and close together, and its offerings are lurid and often risqué. The only exceptions are the two residential districts, which are comparatively quiet places that give the City Watch little trouble.

Menthis Plateau

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